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Steel prices to rise again late leaving room overall trend changed

Steel prices to rise again late leaving room overall trend changed

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In the capital market issue stage screw, volume and ore prices overall gains under pressure and tangshan billet sharply downward drag, finished product material weakening in the spot price stability. From the point of amplitude modulation, did not appear the phenomenon of an exodus of large area, merchants only is given priority to with tentative below, most businesses now late for market bullish sentiment is still very strong, the operation of the goods did not appear heavy selling. And from the city to in today's show, screw are from 1610 contract positions to 1610 contracts, for relatively intense days more empty, late long add, drop sharply narrowed before closing, volume surged, the city cannot be defined as into the empty square, was more higher after adjustment behavior, therefore, for the suppression of space of the spot market has been relatively modest. And the two big region of restricting output and force supply side parts of the recent reform and a powerful production capacity to policies for the drive of the market and stimulate have still play space, just after the excessive higher psychological breed a fear of heights, the weakness of the phase plate is extremely easy to let the market a fear of heights of psychology, become the resistance of the market price upward. , however, the author, the spot market prices continued to recover in high made the stock spot market pressure was released, partial businessman to profit-taking make hand, reduce the amount of operation, which reduces the high prices on the pull the "cost", which is in prophase steel market this year to pull up sharply after frequent can continue to lift the operation method of the most effective also the most obvious. In addition, from the point of the peripheral market, capital market continue to consolidation is still upward trend, the world bank's water tide has just started, a stronger capital to promote the commodity will continue, from raw materials to steel mills ex-factory price and cost side has comprehensive rise, although profits have enough, but to overweight relay capacity, market prices continue to soar is still expected to.

According to monitoring data show that today, the domestic major cities Ф 25 mm tertiary rebar prices an average of 2582 yuan (tons of price, similarly hereinafter), yesterday fell 6 yuan. Domestic major cities Ф 6.5 mm line average price is 2661 yuan, is 1 yuan yesterday; Domestic hot-rolled coil, key cities for the 5.5 mm plate average price is 2834 yuan, with flat yesterday; Domestic main center city average price of 1.0 mm cold plate is 3282 yuan, is yesterday rose 25 yuan. Domestic major cities the average price of 2686 yuan, 20 mm plate is 1 yuan yesterday.

Raw materials today, tang shan area 150 * 150 carbon billet of 2220 yuan, with flat yesterday; Tang shan area 65-66 grade acid dry base price of iron essence pink of 585 yuan, with flat yesterday; Linfen region secondary metallurgical coke price 1100 yuan, the same as yesterday.

Were 1701 rebar futures contracts on the 18th of the previous period to 2531 yuan/ton lower in early trading opened, then low volatility, the lowest $2516 tons, up to 2570 yuan/ton, 2549 yuan, the last trading day (17) settled down 22 yuan/ton, 4533600, 1978564 hand positions, 207064.

Hot rolled coil plate 1610 futures contracts on the 18th at 2782 yuan/ton lower in early trading opened, then low volatility, the lowest 2763 yuan/ton, up to 2830 yuan/ton, 2793 yuan/ton, compared with the previous session (17) settled down 26 yuan/ton, volume 254254, 231804 hand positions, 7388.

1609 iron ore futures contracts on the 18th at 475 yuan/ton lower in early trading opened, then tight trading range, the lowest 473 yuan/ton, the highest 486.5 yuan/ton, closed at 484 yuan/ton, compared with the previous session (17) settled up $2, 147562, 214592 hand positions, 54920.

Macro aspect, according to cisa, key steel mills in early August crude steel output was 1.6986 million tons a day, on a month-on-month XunMo an increase of 77800 tons, 4.8% increase. Accordingly estimation, BenXun national crude steel output of 2.2254 million tons, ten-day rose 3.39%. By the end of the early August, the key steel mills steel inventory of 13.3694 million tons, 529300 tons more than the last ten-day, increase 4.12%.

Recently, the Brazilian industry and trade service note embassy in Pakistan to participate in business, and I notice according to the foreign trade committee in 2016, released on July 21 in the official journal of resolution 65, originally from China seamless steel tube (product mercosul id number is 73043110, 73043190, 73043910, 73043190 and 73043990) to the anti-dumping final determination, resolution shall become effective upon release, valid for five years.

Today middle price 6.6273 yuan against the dollar, which is set by the central bank, the devaluation of 217 points, over the previous three even higher. A session on the middle price is 6.6056, offshore yuan against the dollar in early trading today intraday rise more than hundred points, the current sideways near 6.6300.

August 18, miit will formally announced the "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city of progress, introduce "made in China 2025" push around the country. It is reported, in May 2015, promulgated by the state council "made in China 2025" up to now, has been in Shanghai, guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, shandong, shaanxi, sichuan, xinjiang and other 25 provinces to implement policy introduced a specific place. Across from the point of policy content, formed in the eastern central steering high-end equipment manufacturing, industrial upgrading, western advantage industry breakthrough development. Compared to the traditional "third pole" pattern of east Midwest manufacturing "new three pole" pattern is accelerating to shape. (source: Lange steel)