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Iron and steel industry: the capacity to make substantial progress

Iron and steel industry: the capacity to make substantial progress

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In the first half of this year, the steel industry status are mild signs. According to the China iron and steel association statistics, from January to may this year, China steel association, member of the iron and steel enterprises to break even profit of 8.736 billion yuan, an increase of 7.38 times; Percentage of loss-incurring enterprises 28.28%, fell 13.13% year on year; Return on sales of 0.83%.

Dissolve the excess capacity is the primary task facing the steel industry. In the first half of the iron and steel industry dissolve excess capacity to make substantive progress. The national bureau of statistics data show that in the first half of the crude steel output fell by 1.1%, rolled steel production rose only 1.1%, showed that shrinkage on the whole steel industry development.

In the first half of this year, steel prices rebound, rising fast in April, may, and quickly fell back. The personage inside course of study says, because of rising steel prices, used is the early stage of the purchase of low-priced ore, iron and steel enterprises have the profit space, efficiency improvement from month to month. The steel industry joint restructuring and further advance. Not long ago, baosteel and wuhan announced a merger. Smelting gold building materials, deputy director of the China international engineering consulting company Chen Ziqi thinks, two steel industry leading enterprises implement merger, is the iron and steel industry has a landmark event, for industrial upgrading has positive significance.

February 1, the state council issued "on the iron and steel industry to resolve the excess capacity to achieve out of the development of the opinions, clear the iron and steel industry for 5 years to reduce the pressure of 140 million tons of production capacity, which will be completed in 2016, 45 million tons of goals and tasks to capacity. Mr. Feng, vice-minister of industry and information technology is introduced, in the first half of the implementation of the iron and steel industry to target task decomposition capacity, as before, target has been decomposed into place. 28 provinces including xinjiang production and construction corps has the capacity plan submitted to the state council for the record, signed on target responsibility at the same time. Mr. Feng also introduces, good for the implementation of "opinions" the identified target, and successively introduced eight supporting policies. Funds have been allocated special financial award to 28 provinces and the central enterprises.

Although the first half of the iron and steel industry in the overall warming trend, differentiation between enterprises is still growing. Chen Ziqi is introduced, the steel industry comprehensive strength of the top corporate profitability continues to improve, enhance independent innovation ability, the past has been developing difficulties facing the third generation of high strength steel, nuclear power, steel and automotive high iron wheels, and other fields have a breakthrough. At the same time, there are still some iron and steel enterprises faced losses, struggling. In Chen Ziqi view, the differentiation between enterprises is not only reflected in the management benefit, also reflected in the technology and equipment level. Some enterprise technology equipment to achieve the world into the first level, there are also some equipment in eliminating edge of the enterprise.

"From the first half of the enterprise profit, the income gap between enterprises tend to widen, the benefit differentiation." Cisa secretary-general liu zhenjiang said.

Referring to the current steel industry appear differentiation, Chen Ziqi thinks, in addition to the enterprise management level and technical level differences, some iron and steel enterprises blindly expand capacity in recent years, led to huge debt service pressure, also become an important reason for struggling. In addition, China's iron ore external dependence is high, the current price of iron ore is low, the domestic transportation cost in the cost of higher proportion, near the port has a great advantage compared with inland coastal enterprise.

For iron and steel industry in the future, liu zhenjiang pointed out that in 2016 the industry's most outstanding issue is efficiency. In the second half, benefit is the precondition of all works carried out smoothly.

Facing the enterprise differentiation, zombie enterprises exit and to speed up the transformation and upgrading should be parallel. Integrated steel sentiment analysis thinks, the steel industry need to promote the zombie companies exit and optimize the industrial layout. Capacity to strengthen pertinence and purpose, adhere to combining to capacity and optimal layout, by integrating the restructuring, optimization of layout, the steel industry concentration degree is low, unreasonable regional layout problem.

At the same time, enterprises should speed up the transformation and upgrading. Should encourage enterprises to increase investment in science and technology research and development, and promote the iron and steel process equipment technology upgrading, product quality grade level, energy conservation, environmental protection, efforts to achieve differentiation, quality, high-end steel products, strive for more iron and steel enterprises in national high and new technology enterprise directory; Cultivate strong construction steel structure, metal products, such as steel industry, actively develop the steel industry, including steel processing and distribution.

Dissolve excess steel production capacity is a long-term task, we must continuously advancing. At the same time, should further enhance the innovative ability of the steel industry, it is the request of "2025" made in China and from steel to the strong power of the necessary conditions in our country. In addition, to increase steel industry concentration degree, avoid vicious competition between the enterprises.