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Continuing escalation of trade friction steel exports are still strong

Continuing escalation of trade friction steel exports are still strong

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In the excess steel production capacity has become a global problem today, many countries have blamed the sluggish domestic steel industry on China's steel exports last year, and use various means to "encirclement and suppression". It is understood that China's steel industry has been eight consecutive years ranked first trade friction industry, this year is more concentrated.

Recently, the eu's final and decision for the cold rolled steel sheet products originating in China tax rate of 19.7% to 22.1% of the anti-dumping measures, and traces the tax measures at the same time. On July 29, the European Union to rebar products from the People's Republic of China anti-dumping final, decided to implement the tax rate shall be 18.4% to 22.5% of the anti-dumping measures. And may, in the anti-dumping investigations into Chinese hot-rolled coil plate, the eu has launched countervailing investigation.

In addition to the European Union, in the near future for the Chinese steel products frequently rely on trade protection stick and Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam and so on. Anti-dumping final announcement after the Turkish ministry of economic affairs, the decision this day to the countervailing duties against Chinese imports of seamless steel tube products, including responses to the corporate tax rate is $100 / ton, other enterprises rate is $120 / ton. In July, Vietnam had twice in a week to make on imports of Chinese steel billet steel, wire rod and belt to take safeguard measures established. Brazil also decided to originally from China's high carbon steel wire products, steel strand, hot rolled steel plate to start the anti-dumping investigation.

In July, according to Chinese customs data released by the China iron and steel exports increased by 5.8%, to 10.3 million tons, in June of 10.9 million tons, July 1 - export growth of 8.5% this year, to 67.4 million tons, a record high. Due to China this year in global serious overcapacity is still a large number of exports, has caused dissatisfaction and alert, and trade frictions.

Dumping is a false dichotomy

Due to the large number of exports of iron and steel, many countries are in is accused China of dumping.

Facing the question, the national development and reform commission, the industry department inspector Sharon said in an interview with the media recently, our country has taken a resolute and effective measures to solve the excess capacity, and results are gradually revealed. Export problems not dumping iron and steel enterprises in our country, enterprises are able to achieve profits.

Sheet "in China last year, the highest selling price is 3600 yuan/ton, much lower than the export prices. So in the process of trade, we simply do not exist dumping, enterprise is completely profitable. The competitiveness of iron and steel industry in our country, also from the competitiveness of the enterprise, rather than the government's subsidies. Globally, actually the most large-scale, most modern steel equipment, mostly in China." Sharon said.

China has for many years to become the world's largest steel producer, and in the global iron and steel products exports accounted for more than half. China, however, is not only the world's largest steel producer, is also the world's largest consumer of steel. A large part of China's steel is used for the country's domestic demand, a fraction as an export and the export market is mainly in Asian developing countries, not the European and American market.

Minister of commerce gao hucheng said, China's crude steel, accounting for almost half of global production capacity of 1.13 billion tons, while iron ore imports by 80%. Last year, the national iron and steel exports of 120 million tons, the amount is $61.2 billion. Annual import iron ore 956 million tons, the amount is $57.2 billion. Thus, China's steel industry is not extroverted.

It is understood that although China's steel has a large-scale exports because of comparative advantage, but at the same time China is imported from international market with more number of iron ore and energy products. According to customs statistics, in the first half of this year, the national steel exports of 57.12 million tons, up 9% from a year earlier. Imports of iron ore 493.74 million tons, up 9.1%, 10% faster than the same period last year.

China can achieve so huge steel smelting raw material imports, is also a huge steel production capacity. This suggests that, at least in the steel industry chain, China's steel production capacity, demand contribute significantly greater than the product output, otherwise the market of global steel industry chain will be more low.

"China's steel exports continue to increase, expected this year could exceed 100 million tons scale, but this is caused by the international market demand first, because there is demand can export; the second is that China's steel enterprises labor productivity is higher, steel prices with greater competitiveness, after all, now the world's best iron and steel technology and equipment in China." Analysts said to "China sankei shimbun reporters.

Chen Kexin also points out that avoided the domestic iron and steel enterprise technical equipment backward, and the labor productivity is not high, the steel prices less competitive, but the main reason for their steel troubled completely due to China's steel production capacity surplus, the west slanting reason heterodox of trade protectionism.

Looked from the global situation, China's iron and steel enterprises with considerable competitiveness, iron and steel products in international trade has a good reputation and high cost performance, many steel products highly complementary relationship has been formed and importer of local production, promote the local economic development, also brought real benefits to local downstream users and consumers, should be comprehensive, objective and rational view of the iron and steel products trade.

Sharon, points out that the implementation of trade protection measures is fundamentally solve the problem of the development of the global steel industry, on the contrary will only further impact on international trade order.

Li xinchuang, deputy secretary-general of the China iron and steel association, said that European countries of China's iron and steel products is anti-dumping trade protection measures, is not in conformity with the social progress and market-oriented principle, should be objective and fair look at the rise of the steel industry in China - China has imported more than 600 million tons of iron and steel, not an anti-dumping duty, but improve the competitiveness of the domestic industry, meet the demand of the domestic and the world.

Overcapacity is a global problem

At present, the iron and steel industry overcapacity has become a global problem, and put all the problems are attributed to the Chinese iron and steel exports in great quantities, this is obviously untenable.

The national development and reform commission spokesman Zhao Chen xin said that the excess capacity is a global problem, the first reason is that in 2008 the us subprime mortgage crisis and real estate bubble collapse caused by the global market demand. China's iron and steel and other industrial products are mainly used to meet the domestic demand. Starting in 2006 to shift from a net importer of net exporter. From 2006 to 2015 years of this decade, China's exports accounted for only 10% of the production, export proportion of other steel-producing countries is much lower than the same period.

"In the context of global overcapacity, the European steel industry also is overcapacity worst-hit areas, its capacity utilization rate is far lower than the global average. Coupled with low economic growth lead to decline in demand, which is the core of the European steel industry troubled reasons. At the same time, Europe's energy and climate policy is also made of the high cost of the European steel industry less competitive. Simply to attribute the industry downturn in China's steel exports is obviously wrong." Chen hai was in the China sankei shimbun reporters pointed out.

Steel overcapacity is a global problem, our country in recent years, capacity utilization rate were higher than the global average, also higher than that of the us and Europe and other countries and regions. Our country has take resolute and effective measures to solve the excess capacity, and results are gradually revealed.

Analysis pointed out that other steel-producing countries and regions should be the same efforts, especially in some developed countries and regions, more should introduce a positive response, solve the excess capacity, and should not be steel overcapacity in the global problem is due to our country, and to take trade protection, limit the mistake such as fair competition in the market.

Commerce ministry spokesman also has repeatedly pointed out that excess capacity is the common problem of the current global steel industry is facing, global economic recovery is weak and the resulting demand is the root cause of the iron and steel industry are facing difficulties, but trade protection measures would be tantamount to solve the problem, on the contrary, it will further impact to the normal trade order.

Don't encourage a large number of exports

Sustained growth in the face of China's steel exports, there are fears this trend will not conducive to the international steel market is stable. Also make a comment, and the ministry of commerce said China does not encourage steel products export, "as steel superpower, China's hope that the international steel market is stable." Commerce ministry spokesman Shen Danyang said.

Shen Danyang pointed out that for a long time, China's steel production to meet the domestic demand is given priority to, do not encourage steel products export, on the contrary has also taken a series of concrete measures to control the export of steel products. For example, on the other hand, for some steel products export duties were imposed on to reduce exports, on the other hand, take the initiative to cut steel products export tax rebates, the tax rebates for steel products are all less than 17% of the value-added tax, the partial products export will not be refund.

The ministry of commerce said bai Ming, deputy director of the international market research institute of China stressed several times not to encourage steel products export, reflects the role that China is a responsible steel power. "On the one hand, we in turn way and structure from the internal steel production capacity to dissolve; on the other hand, China's steel market to the world's output is measured, because if the international market pressure is too large, China's steel exports will be affected." Bai Ming said.

China's iron and steel and other industrial products are mainly used to meet the domestic demand. China is a developing big country, steel and other industrial production is mainly used to meet the domestic demand. Our future urbanization development, manufacturing, infrastructure construction, the demand for steel has a lot. From the point of policy guidance, our country also does not encourage a large number of steel exports, on the contrary, to curb steel such as load, the export of energy-intensive products, also adopted a new export tariffs, reduce the export tax rebates and other measures.

Analysis points out, as steel superpower, China's hope that the international steel market is stable. In the first five months of last year, China's steel exports rose to nearly 30%, a small increase of only 6.8% over the same period this year, the growth rate fell by 22% year-on-year. In may this year, although China's steel export growth, but growth only 3.7% month-on-month, the trend shows that China's contribution to the stability of the international steel market is made, and was not hurt.

"Steel industry overcapacity is global, China did not on the policy to encourage exports in recent years, even for part of products for export tariffs, can say is a protection for international hong kong-listed. Now China's steel did not compete on price blindly, product competitiveness level greatly improve than before, in the next period, China's steel exports will remain high." Zhuo analyst told the China sankei shimbun reporters.

It should be pointed out that, although more and more trade friction case against China, but most of the anti-dumping cases is not initiated by steel importer, and only for specific product rather than the entire industry, so China's steel exports overall not too big impact.