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Dragons Huang NEW: Steel certainly do make money

Dragons Huang NEW: Steel certainly do make money

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Overcapacity in the background, Nanganggufen continues to put money up.

"Make steel, is certainly able to make money!" Nanganggufen a new chairman Huang told the public securities and financial communication network correspondents. "Iron Dragons main industrial scale does not increase. We will work to improve product quality, doing fine and specialty materials business integrated service provider, by raising the intelligent manufacturing, intelligent service level to increase the added value. We will also extend the industrial chain, by increasing the value of the value of products and services to allow investors to get a return. "he said.

Chairman: Steel is able to make money

May 18, sponsored by the China Association of Listed Companies (referred to as "the Association") organization "on-site service into the Jiangsu weeks" campaign entered Nanganggufen. Reporters followed in the Association of Nanganggufen interviewed research. In the interview, reporters have such a concern - in the iron and steel industry overcapacity in the background, Nanganggufen continues to put money on the main steel business. Set by the program released in early January, the company raised about $ 4.5 billion to invest in almost all the main steel business related. Why is that?

"I think, no matter how the transformation and upgrading, no matter how structural adjustment, especially in manufacturing high-end manufacturing is a survival of the nation, but also the comprehensive national strength reflects the fundamental fact does not exist behind the industry or a sunset industry, more important still depending on how you do it. China is a great country, the future development of China still needs steel. we are now, that is, reduction and improving quality, value added services to enhance the force. "Huang a new answer.

Huang said the new, behind the Dragons will not increase the scale of production, or even reduction. However, the Dragons through improving product quality by doing fine and special materials integrated service providers, by raising the intelligent manufacturing, intelligent service level to increase the added value, and to extend the industrial chain. Huang, a new opinion, the steel must be able to make money. "As go the way of special steel enterprises, we propose to produce high-efficiency, low-cost manufacturing quality steel. This slogan brought to easy, but truly rely on hard skills, good accumulation and capacity building. Now look, we already has a strong competitive edge, and a quarter of the Dragons have been profitable. "Huang said a new.

We want industry standards makers

Earlier this year, the Dragons announced a program set by the three directions of investment are related to its main business. For given by several projects, a new yellow in exchange for a detailed description, and even "exposure" of the steel industry standard-setters want with leader determination.

One is the efficient use of gas power generation projects, plans to invest 1.326 billion yuan New Taiwan gas - steam combined cycle power plant (CCPP). On the one hand the project will digest mills surplus gas, reducing gas to achieve putting pollution, improve energy efficiency secondary; on the other hand to enhance the proportion of self-generation, thereby enhancing profitability. "We measured before, after the completion of the project, improve energy efficiency by 30% -40% per year generating more than 980 million degrees, an increase of more than 5 million revenue, an increase of more than profit of 200 million." Huang said a new.

Process Intelligence is a plate full customization and distribution projects, this project is an existing production line intelligent improvement, on the basis of maintaining the existing production capacity unchanged on the realization of structural reforms Dragons products, high-end expansion of supply capacity, the ability for the customer's individual requirements to provide customized service enhancements, cost savings for customers. "Before we engage in a Ship Smart distribution services, has made great achievements in the last year, according to customer demand, we have Dragons production scheduling, logistics and intelligent distribution and client to form a seamless connection. Thus there are two advantages, first, customers and Dragons formed a very close strategic partnership, which saves the customer's manufacturing costs, saving customers the cost of about 30%. the second is to reduce the cost of customers, products and services will Dragons with higher added value, with the deepening of cooperation, the customer will be the follow-up to reduce the cost of return to a part of the Dragons. then we thought, can not put this model to other areas, other species expand it? "Huang a new interpretation Why this project. "Dragons intelligent plant construction as well as the follow-up program, after plate production line should Dragons create fulfill intelligent manufacturing processes, intelligent services, intelligent logistics and distribution line project is completed, we can form a relatively complete operating experience, hoping to become domestic steel industry norms and standards makers and leader, when we will be able to service the smart, intelligent distribution aspects of the industry chain propose solutions Dragons intelligent manufacturing industry on the development of it. around the Jiangbei District planning, we would like to be around the smart city-building software, the use of industrial robots some attempts, which is relatively shallow some of our thoughts on intelligent manufacturing. "he said.

There is a new materials research and development capacity building project. "The new materials do not just steel body, and we also bear a child 863 research and development tasks, a study in terms of special steel, such as ultra-low temperature, corrosion rot. China's future development for decades, or need to support these high-end products, high-end equipment to assist the upgrading of industry. "Huang said the new.

Direction of the transition has been determined

In addition to the main industry on the prospects for the development, progress and transformation Dragons Dragons in the emerging industry of Jiangbei District in the Land of the reporters are the focus of attention. Huang, a new representation, the transition to new industries have found a way, in addition, the Dragons do not intend to sell the land.

"We raised the slogan of a longer period of transition, and indeed there was no great projects landing. This is because the entry of any new industry, will encounter many practical difficulties, including trade barriers, etc., which are all we need to fully for emerging industries to consider the need to strengthen research, there will be many to rush into the trap again of transformation, but also to avoid failure, the speed may be relatively slower. direction and now we have determined the transformation is to achieve the shareholders of resources and platforms grafting, a major shareholder Fosun Nanjing steel Union is a professional investment company, on the mining project, the development prospects are very accurate grasp now, Dragons investment platform has been achieved with Fosun seamless Nanjing steel Union also there is a large shareholder of the new Group, under which there are more than 100 of their core business, we have a wealth of resources, and we also have new working group for docking. "for the problem of transition, a new yellow say.

"Jiangbei District of Nanjing land values ​​brought improvement, but we were not prepared simply Dragons transfer of land to sell to solve the problem of restructuring and development, of course, still have to make an inventory of land, poised to take advantage of the good." for the Dragons land, yellow a new case statement.