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Company Profile

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Founded on Sep 17 ,2015, Jiangsu Tongheng Hi-tech Metals Co.,Ltd (NGTH) has a registered capital of RMB30 million and its registered address is No. 803 Nanpu Road, Yanjiang Street, Pukou District of Nanjing. As an enterprise specialized in heat treatment and processing of fine bars and wires, it processes steel with continuous tempering and thread whirling flows, and optimizes roll finishes with high precisions. Its products can significantly strengthen steel products and elongate their service life, and such products are mainly used as parts for precision and high-strength processing. NGTH’s current production capacity is 20,000t/a, which will be expanded to 100,000t/a in the future.

NGTH is jointly founded with investments from NISCO and Wuhan Shangda Heatking Technology Co. Ltd. NISCO is one of China’s oversize steel complex specialized in production of fine plates and long special high-grade steel products, and its annual production capacity has reached 10 million tons of steel. Wuhan established jointly by Shanghai Shangda Heat Treatment Co. Ltd.(president of Shanghai Heat Treatment Council) and Shanghai Heatking Induction Technology Corporation (China’s first-class induction equipment producer), Wuhan Shangda Heatking Technology Co. Ltd is a company is a national high-tech enterprise and mainly engages in heat treatment and processing of automobile parts including auto speed changers, engines, clutches, drive systems, brake systems and starting motors.

NGTH adopts an integrated bar induction and tempering line as its main equipment, which is developed by Shanghai Heatking Induction Technology Corporation through its own research. It is also equipped with imported SMS high-speed whirling cutter, rolling and straightening equipment and imported sawing machine, which are used to process bars. Those equipment and machines can be used to process steering gear racks, rockshafts and valve cores of automobile industry, ballscrews for machine tool industry, and various pin bushes for construction machinery industry. In addition, sucker rods and oil extraction tubes used by petroleum drilling industry can also be processed with them, so the company can meet various processing needs of domestic enterprises.

NGTH, under the union of powerful enterprises, will carry forward their fine qualities and take the road of technology highlighting and technical and management innovations to satisfy customers’ demand for continuous quality improvements and provide excellent bars with high precisions and strengths, in order to become a nationally first-class bar and wire heat treatment enterprise.


Company Profile