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Jiangsu Tongheng Hi-tech Metals Co.,Ltd. Founded on Sep 17 ,2015, Jiangsu Tongheng Hi-tech Metals Co.,Ltd (NGTH) has a registered capital of RMB30 million and its registered address is No. 803 Nanpu Road, Yanjiang Street, Pukou District of Nanjing. As an enterprise specialized in heat treatment and processing of fine bars and wires, it processes steel with continuous tempering and thread whirling flows, and optimizes roll finishes with high precisions. Its products can significantly strengthen steel products and elongate their service life, and such products are mainly used as parts for precision and high-strength processing. NGTH’s current production capacity is 20,000t/a, which will be expanded to 100,000t/a in the future ... 

Circular Saw

Circular Saw

Six Channel Eddy Current Tester

(JY80AX)Two-Roll Straightener

CNC lathe Centerless (XF-WXC80S)

Peeling Machine(WDH80)



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